[EASTBOURNE, March 2021] Eastbourne local, Alex Wickens in just four months of starting-up his MistyClips enterprise, has donated his first £500 to a new local charity, Trellis to help homeless people.

The £500 represents Wickens’ pledge to donate 10% of MistyClips profits to local charities to help vulnerable people. He launched the MistyClip product in the UK – a 3D-printed clip which prevents glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask. 

With sales coming from as far as the USA and Kuwait, the MistyClip team has experienced high consumer demand and now has had orders from other businesses.  In response, Wickens is now building a local network of home-based virtual factories, creating opportunities for unemployed individuals across Sussex to create and dispatch a variety of 3D printed products, including MistyClips, from their own homes, effectively creating a local network of small home-based businesses. 

As Wickens’ enterprise grows, he will continue to donate 10% of its profit to Trelis.  This new Sussex-based charity in association with affordable homes builder Goscombe, seeks to provide people and communities experiencing disadvantage with the opportunities they need to thrive. 

‘MistyClip has demonstrated that, despite the disappointment of business closures and job losses over the past 12 months, there are opportunities to rise above the circumstances and make a positive impact on the local economy.’ 
Alex Wickens, Co-Founder, MistyClip

‘We are very grateful to Alex, and the team at MistyClip, for their generosity toward the work of Trelis.  We believe that, as communities, we have the resources that we need to deal with the challenges we face.  When, as with Goscombe and MistyClip, success is shared, we see a route to changing the landscape of poverty in our villages, towns, and cities without the need to plunder the ever-decreasing Public Sector purse.’

Tim Earey, Director, Trelis Charity

Alex is keen to secure partnerships with retailers and businesses across the south east interested in MistyClip and, in turn, supporting the community focus of his business model.  

For more information and contact details go to www.mistyclip.co.uk.



Background – Alex Wickens and MistyClip

About to fulfil his life-long dream to train as a commercial pilot, when the Covid pandemic forced a sudden and temporary change of plan, Alex (21) found himself working at his local supermarket. 

He spotted an opportunity while working because he was frustrated at his glasses fogging up as he stacked shelves. He struggled to read product labels, so he set about researching and marketing a solution. In November 2021 his initial investment of £250 into MistyClips has turned into a monthly turnover of several thousand pounds.

Each MistyClip is printed using environmentally-friendly materials made from a 100% bio-based polymer derived from corn starch, which decomposes within months rather than years when compared to normal petroleum-based plastic products.

Alex’s model is not only eco-friendly, but also gives back to the community in East Sussex and is now creating opportunities for others. 

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