Homes built for people, not just profit.

At Goscombe, we want to create affordable homes that are kinder to both people and planet.

We champion generosity of space, inter-generational flexibility, all-age readiness, environmental sensitivity, and the innovative use of health technology.

Because homes, and people’s ability to access and sustain them, are so foundational to the ongoing health of our society Goscombe looks to build homes that put people and community first.

Homes built locally, for local people.

Goscombe is a local business, with a local focus, and a local purpose. We call this ‘hyperlocal’.

We build homes locally, for local communities, using local supply companies, training local apprentices, employing local people, in order to benefit the local economy surrounding our production facilities.

Because we redistribute our profits to our charitable partner, Trelis, we also enable local social impact initiatives, alongside the local social and economic value that our hyper-local model maximises.

Homes built in partnership.

Our homes are manufactured within our Sussex-based production hub using the expertise of OSCO Homes, a specialist in modern methods of construction.

OSCO Homes, an experienced modular housing manufacturer, creates high-quality homes using their innovative build system, with a proven track record of integrating social impact within their business.

Together, with OSCO Homes, Goscombe will deliver the much needed affordable and social housing that our communities need; efficiently, affordably, and sustainably.

Homes built with our planet in mind.

We want to build the homes that our communities need in ways that our planet can sustain. 

We major on the use of local suppliers, sourcing local materials, to reduce the overall carbon footprint of building our homes. 

We focus on the use of materials with the lowest environmental impact, and we look to make our homes highly energy efficient, aspiring toward zero bills, to strengthen their ecological credentials.

goscombe homes structure

We create powerful social impact through innovations in homebuilding.