The best of business with the best of charity.

We know business can be a force for good, but we also know that where our skills end, others must begin.

That is why we work with our charity partner, Trelis, to leverage the ‘social’ potential our model creates.

Trelis exists to steward the ‘social fund’ generated by Goscombes profits and property leasing. 

Trelis role is to ensure that the donations it receives from Goscombe find their way to the projects, people, and opportunities that need it most; delivering life-changing initiatives to the communities in which we work.


Room to grow.

Trelis, as its name suggests, exists to guide, promote, and support growth; individually and communally.

Using the funds donated by Goscombe, Trelis facilitates and catalyses opportunities for local people, especially people experiencing disadvantage.

From creating apprenticeship placements and opening up employment opportunities, through to supporting local community organisations and campaigning for greater equality within the housing sector.

We create powerful social impact through innovations in homebuilding.