Fair housing,

for everyone

We are Goscombe and we are in business to do things differently.

We believe that housing affordability is integral to the welfare of our communities and society.

We exist to strengthen communities by creating new ways to finance, build, sell, and lease affordable homes and social housing; redistributing our profits for communal and social benefit.

We are focused.

Our nation needs to build more affordable homes and social housing, we are focused solely on this task, nothing else.

Whilst much of our housing market leaves many without a foothold within their community we believe that housing accessibility is key to the stability and growth of a resilient society.  

Therefore, our sole aim as a social business is to create homes that people can access, afford, and that are sustainable for the long-term.

The problem we’re aiming to solve is bigger than us, and it’s growing.

An estimated 8.4 million people in England are living in unaffordable, insecure, or unsuitable housing.

Our nation needs in excess of 300,000 new homes to be built every year, including at least 145,000 affordable homes, along with an urgent need to build more social housing.

There is a crisis of both accessibility and affordability that is having a profound impact on the fabric of our society.

Understanding the problem.


people in England are unable to afford their rent or mortgage.


people in England are in unsuitable housing, including families and the elderly.


people in our nation are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Our challenges are interconnected.


The gap between wage levels and house prices is widening. Demand for homes is increasing and we are not building enough homes to meet demand.


Employment longevity and security have decreased.   Work and housing-related relocations are on the increase.



As people move more frequently, due to work or housing pressures, our communities become more ‘distanced’, and less cohesive.

We believe that business can be a force for good.

At Goscombe, we are pioneering in ways to leverage homebuilding as a vehicle to deliver powerful social impact.

We create beautiful high-quality affordable homes, but instead of accumulating all our profits, we redistribute our success in ways that will meaningfully benefit households, communities, our partners, and society.

Our Model. Innovation in, impact out.


For every home that we create and sell affordably, the profit from that sale contributes toward both the building of a second home and our ‘mission’ fund. We retain each of these second homes. We call this One4One.


We affordably lease each second home that we retain. 

That income is added to our mission fund, and that fund enables us to fuel positive social impact. The more homes we build, sell, retain, and lease the more ‘good’ we are able to do.



We redistribute that income to our charitable partner to provide apprenticeships, employment opportunities, community programmes, and to enable initiatives that strengthen communities and reverse housing inequality.

We empower others.

We know that business can be a force for good, but we also know that where our skills end, others must begin. 

That is why we work with our charity partner, Trelis, to leverage the potential our model creates.

We redistribute our mission fund to Trelis, empowering them to utilise their skills and experience in delivering life-changing initiatives to the communities in which we work.

Our 10 year








We are committed.

Alistair Wickens

Chief Executive

Experienced property and healthtech entrepreneur with 20+ years board experience.

Tim Earey

Head of Social Impact

Charity Director, 20 years experience maximising impact and reducing social injustice.

Paul Edmonds

Head of Operations

25 years senior leadership in international manufacturing and construction.

Richard Chaplin

Financial Director

Experienced Finance and Investment Director with 25 years in manufacturing.

Eric Kihlstrom

Advisory Board
All-Age Living

Graham Precey

Advisory Board
Environment and Sustainability

Ben Ellis

Advisory Board
Planning & Development

Ann Collis

Business Support Manager

Duncan Parker

Corporate Advisor

Nils de Freese

Finance Manager

Paul Thomasoo

Project Manager

We believe in partnership.

What others are saying

"Goscombe has the potential to radically change the way affordable housing is delivered and sustainable communities are created".

Homes England

"We are regularly approached by modular manufacturers, but we like to work with Goscombe because of your social impact."

Eastbourne Borough Council

"Goscombe has the potential to make a serious dent on a number of social issues across the town."

Councillor, Eastbourne Borough Council

"I am also interested in your model on the basis that it deliberately places sustainable communities and positive social impact at the centre of your activities."

Head of Development, Homes England

We create powerful social impact through innovations in homebuilding.